Mini Festival of Japanese Traditional Arts at Furman March 22

Mini Festival of Japanese Traditional Arts at Furman March 22

Mini Festival of Japanese Traditional Performing Arts at Furman March 22

The Mini Festival of Japanese Traditional Performing Arts takes place March 22 at Furman University. The day begins with sumi-e brush painting, Japanese calligraphy, kyudo archery, ki-aikido, sushi-making, and Japanese tea ceremony all taking place at various locations on Furman Campus (see Furman Campus Map), from 3pm to 5pm. The keynote performance at 7:00pm will be an incredible traditional puppetry performance by Tondo Puppet Troupe from Nagahaga, Shiga, Japan, visiting South Carolina for the first time, in their first of only four public performances.

March 22, 3pm to 5pm

Aikido and Japanese archery demonstrations
Physical Activities Center (PAC), second floor, Dance Studio
Ki-Aikido: Sensei Mark Stone of Furman University Aikido
Archery: Sensei Reiko Blackwell and student Christa Hanson of South Carolina Kyudo Renmei
Japanese calligraphy and sumi-e brush painting
Johns Hall, Room 208
High Master Yoshiko Moon of Studio Moon Art
Japanese Tea ceremony
Place of Peace near Furman Lake
Master Hideko Nagasaka of Omotesenke School
Sushi making demonstrations
Daniel Chapel, Garden Room
Chef Hiroki Shimashita of Sushi Hana on Haywood Road

March 22, 7pm to 9pm

Tonda Ningyô Jôruri Puppet Theater performance
(Note change of Venue) McAlister Auditorium

Yuji Kishimoto, Professor Emeritus of Architecture at Clemson University, is organizer of this festival and the driving force behind bringing the Tonda puppet troupe to SC for Upstate International Month 2016.

This great article by Erikah Haavie has more information about Tonda Puppet Troupe and their upcoming performances: Renowned Japanese Puppet Troup Performs March 22 (Furman University).