Bon Dance Festival 2016 Washi Koi Poster

Bon Dance 2016 Schedule

The program schedule for the 2016 event has been released! Thank you to all the members, member organizations, our board, volunteers, vendors, and demonstrators coming together to put on this amazing annual festival. Read more at the main event page here. Schedule is below.

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12:00pm GATE OPEN
12:30pm Taiko performance by Ronin Taiko
1:00pm Bon dance part 1 by Midorino Kai
1:30pm Kyudo Demonstration by SC Kyudo Renmei
2:00pm Taiko performance by Ronin Taiko
2:30pm Bon dance Part 2 by Midori no kai
3:00pm Flower arrangement and Violin performance by WNC Japanese Culture Center
3:30pm Kendo Demonstration by Greenville Kendo Club
4:00pm Bon dance Part 3 by Midori no kai
4:30pm Festival ends