2016 Events

The JAASC Cultural Committee schedules activities throughout the year, presenting members the opportunity to participate in casual social and cultural events, golf tournaments, and sports outings. The Committee also organizes two traditional Japanese events, the Shinnenkai New Year’s celebration, and Bon Dance Festival in August.

2016 Upcoming events

October 1 – International Festival, Spartanburg
October – Japanese Associates Golf Tournament

— past events —

January 2016 – Kendo Seminar and Dan Shinsa, Atlanta, GA
February 26 – MEXT Scholarship Applications Due
March 5 – Shinnenkai New Year’s Party, Greenville
March – Upstate International Month
March – Through a Gap in the Shoji: month-long photo exhibit at USC Upstate
March 13~19 – Kyudo Alliance 7-Day Archery Seminar, Simpsonville
March 22 – 3~5pm Mini Festival of Traditional Japanese Arts, Greenville
March 22~27 – 7pm Tonda Joruri Ningyo Puppet Theater performances
March 23 –  1pm Netsuke: Japanese Life and Legend in Miniature presentation, USC Upstate
March 30 – JAASC Social at Local Cue, Greenville
March – GSS Graduation & Entrance Ceremony, Greenville
April – Japanese Associates Golf Tournament
April 16~17 – All-Carolina Kendo Tournament, Columbia, SC
June 15 – JAASC Social – Summer Concert on the Reedy, Greenville
August 20 – Bon Dance Festival, Greenville
September 8 – Charlotte Speaker Series Breakfast: US and Japan as Global Partners
September 13 – JAASC Social: Happy Hour Meetup at The Playwright
September 17~18 – Japanfest, Atlanta, GA

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