JAASC schedules activities throughout the year, presenting members the opportunity to participate in casual social and cultural events, golf tournaments, and sports outings. The Cultural Committee organizes two large annual Japanese events, the Shinnenkai New Year’s celebration, and our Bon Dance Festival each August.

Bold text indicates JAASC-hosted events. Some dates tentative. Download print calendar.

Upcoming events

**2018 **
January 30 – JAASC Language Table, Inn on the Square, Greenwood
February 20 – JAASC Language Table, Growler Haus, Fountain Inn
March TBD – Japanese Game Night, Greenville
March TBD – JAASC Special Cultural Event
March TBD – Hinamatsuri Dolls Exhibit, The Children’s Museum of the Upstate, Greenville
March TBD – Greenville Saturday School Graduation
March TBD – JAASC Language Table, Visions International, Greenville
March 26~April 8 – Irmo Cherry Blossom Festival, Irmo SC
April 14 – Greer International Festival, Greer City Park, Greer
April TBD – JAASC Social Event, Clemson
May TBD – Baseball Night with JAASC, Greenville Drive at Fluor Field, Greenville
June TBD – JAASC Language Table, Inn on the Square, Greenwood
July TBD – “Bon Odori” Dance Practice
July TBD – JAASC Language Table, Greenville
August 18 – Annual Bon Dance Japanese Culture Festival, McAlister Square, Greenville
September TBD – JAASC Social Event
September 15~16 JapanFest Atlanta, Duluth GA
October TBD – JAASC Language Table, Fountain Inn or Mauldin
October 6 – International Festival, Barnet Park, Spartanburg
November TBD – JAASC Cultural Event, Greenville
December TBD – JAASC Language Table

— past events —

January 27, 2018 – Shinnenkai New Year’s Gala, Poinsett Club
December 14 – JAASC Language Table – O-CHA Tea Bar, Greenville

December 3 – JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) – Atlanta, GA
November 28 – JAASC Language Table – Growler Haus, Fountain InnNovember 15 – World Affairs Council Lecture “Pivots and Turns in US-Asia Relations
November 7 – JAASC Language Table – Inn on the Square, Greenwood
October 25 – Peelander Z (Japanese Action Comic Punk),Radio Room
October 22-24 – SEUS-Japan Joint Conference – Hyatt, Greenville
October 26 – JAASC Language Table – Growler Haus, Spartanburg
October 10 – JAASC Language Table – Greenwood
October 7 – International Festival, Spartanburg
September 27 – JAASC Social: Movie Night – Falls Park, Greenville
September 16-17 – Japanfest, Atlanta, GA
September 1 – Pinky Doodle Poodle (Tokyo punk band), Radio Room
August  30 – JAASC Language Table – Addy’s Dutch Cafe, Greenville
**August 19 – Bon Dance Japanese Festival, Greenville**
August 1 – JAASC Language Table – Montague’s, Greenwood
July 22 – Odori practice!
July 26 – JAASC Social: Concert on the Reedy – Peace Center Amphitheatre, Greenville
June 22 – JAASC Language Table – Growler Haus, Fountain Inn
May 31 – JAASC Member Social: “Drive” Baseball Game, Greenville
April – JAASC Language Table – O-CHA Tea Bar, Greenville
April 1-2 – Hachioji Kuruma Japanese Puppetry, Atlanta, GA
April 1 – Hanami at Irmo Cherry Blossom Festival, Irmo, SC
March 26-April 8 – Irmo Cherry Blossom Festival, Irmo SC
March 19-25 – Kyudo Alliance 7-Day Archery Seminar, Simpsonville
(Archery seminar not open to the public; beginner classes available.)
March 18 – Japanese School Graduation & Entrance Ceremony, Greenville
March 17 – Japanese Tea Ceremony – Greenville
March 15 – JAASC Social: Game Night – Local Cue, Greenville
March 14 – Sushi-Making Class at The Cook’s Station, Greenville
March 9 – Japanese Calligraphy Workshop with Yoshiko Moon, O-CHA
March – Upstate International Month – see all events
February 24 – Cocktails & a Twist! Upstate International Month’s Kickoff Gala Event
February 16 – JAASC Language Table, O-CHA Tea Bar, Greenville
January 23-March 13 – Beginner Japanese classes, Upstate International, Greenville
January 21, 2017 – Shinnenkai JAASC Annual New Year’s Dinner, Greenville
December 15, 2016 – JAASC Language Table, O-CHA Tea Bar, Greenville
December 13, 2016 – Allegiance, a New Musical playing 1 night only in SC movie theaters
December 2 – First Annual JA North Carolina Dinner Meeting, Raleigh, NC
November 20 – JAASC Social: Thanksgiving Potluck!
November 9 – Why South Carolina? Cross-cultural panel discussion, Columbia
October 19 – JAASC Language Table, O-CHA Tea Bar, Greenville
October – Japanese Associates Golf Tournament
October 1 – International Festival, Spartanburg
September 17~18 – Japanfest, Atlanta, GA
September 13 – JAASC Social: Happy Hour Meetup at The Playwright
September 8 – Charlotte Speaker Series Breakfast: US and Japan as Global Partners
August 20 – Bon Dance Festival, Greenville
June 15 – JAASC Social – Summer Concert on the Reedy, Greenville
April 16~17 – All-Carolina Kendo Tournament, Columbia
April – Japanese Associates Golf Tournament
March 30 – JAASC Social at Local Cue, Greenville

March – GSS Graduation & Entrance Ceremony, Greenville
March 23 –  1pm Netsuke: Japanese Life and Legend in Miniature presentation, USC Upstate
March 22~27 – 7pm Tonda Joruri Ningyo Puppet Theater performances
March 22 – 3~5pm Mini Festival of Traditional Japanese Arts, Greenville
March 13~19 – Kyudo Alliance 7-Day Archery Seminar, Simpsonville
March – Through a Gap in the Shoji: month-long photo exhibit at USC Upstate
March – Upstate International Month
March 5 – Shinnenkai New Year’s Party, Greenville
February 26 – MEXT Scholarship Applications Due
January 2016 – Kendo Seminar and Dan Shinsa, Atlanta, GA

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