Promoting Positive Relationships

People of all ages from Japan and the United States join the Japan-America Association of South Carolina (JAASC) to pursue positive relationships through social, educational, and cultural exchanges that benefit our business and residential communities.

Though the histories and cultures of our two nations are very different, JAASC demonstrates that our values are remarkably similar.

How We Began

In 1988, a large influx of Japanese-owned businesses moved into South Carolina. Two international leaders within the community, Professor Yuji Kishimoto and Attorney Henry “Buzz” Burwell, worked together to contribute to Japan-America relations in culture, education, and economic development. They formed JAASC, a statewide, nonprofit, federally tax-exempt corporation dedicated to fostering and promoting positive relationships among the people of the United States and Japan.

Today, the US and Japan continue intertwining through trade, technology, and finance. JAASC’s purpose has remained the same through the years: to strengthen the bond of friendship between the people of the US and Japan by creating meaningful educational, social, and cultural exchanges.

Our Members Matter

Although most of our memberships and activities are in Upstate South Carolina, we strive to be a resource for all state residents. We support or share activities in the Midlands, the Lowcountry, and the Coast as well.
Our members create bonds that last a lifetime. ​​Membership provides an opportunity to get involved in activities, events, networking, and more.

Our members get discount pricing for our events, access to outstanding resources, and inclusion in our membership directory. Through collaboration and commitment, we strengthen the bond of friendship and understanding in the Japanese community and South Carolina. Annual JAASC memberships are available at various levels.

Social & Cultural Events

We schedule activities throughout the year, allowing members and the public to participate in casual, social, and cultural events. Attend an event and see how JAASC impacts positive relationships between the people of South Carolina and Japan.

Educational Exchanges

We operate two Japanese language schools that support South Carolina’s US-Japanese community. Learn more about how these educational opportunities enhance our communities.

Volunteer Leaders

Our team is led by volunteers from the Japan-America community in South Carolina who have a passion for JAASC’s mission and strive to lead operations sustainably. Unlike many Japan-America Societies in other states and cities, JAASC does not have a physical office or full-time staff. Behind each member or committee leader is an incredible team of community and corporate volunteers.

Our Dedicated Board

Our board is comprised of leaders and advisors from our community and member corporations. Each board member has a heart for US-Japanese relations that fuels their passion for our organization.