The Japan-America Association of South Carolina (JAASC) is a statewide, nonprofit, federally tax exempt corporation dedicated to fostering and promoting positive relationships among the peoples of the United States and Japan.

The JAASC was formed in 1988 due to the large influx of Japanese-owned businesses into South Carolina. As the U.S. and Japan continue to become more intertwined through trade, technology and finance, the JAASC seeks to demonstrate that, though the histories and cultures of our two nations are very different, our values are remarkably similar.

Our purpose is to strengthen the bond of friendship between our peoples by continually seeking to foster greater understanding through meaningful educational, social and cultural exchanges.

Examples include the operation of the Japanese Saturday School, a wide variety of social activities, and events in conjunction with the International Center of the Upstate.

Our current board members are listed here.

2 thoughts on “About JAASC

  1. Neal Gielstra says:

    We have a very good friend, in the seventies, who is from Japan and she is wondering if there is a Jaasc chapter in the Myrtle Beach area. She is hoping to talk her native language with a lady in the same age range who is from Japan also.

    • kdmurda10 says:

      Hi Neal, Unfortunately, we don’t really have a presence in the Myrtle Beach area. Most of our community is in the Upstate of SC (Greenville, Greenwood, Spartanburg) with some members in the lowcountry and midlands. We do have many Japanese women around that age in the Greenville area.

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