Get The Resources You Need

Japanese expatriates need access to local resources and companies that will assist their families, language, vocation, education, and relationships. Over the years, JAASC has developed an extensive list of resources that benefit expatriates and US residents moving to South Carolina. We also have resources for anyone who wishes to engage in martial arts, cultural experiences, and language study.

If you have any additional resources in South Carolina that you’d like to share, please

Here are some of the resources we’ve gathered to help you live a more rewarding life in South Carolina:

Ex-Patriot Resources

Japanese or Asian Grocery Stores

Tanpopo (Greenville)
Asian Pacific (Greenville)
Asian Market (Greenville)
Hatoya (Charlotte)
H&L Asian Market (Charleston)
Asian Market (Columbia)
H-Mart (Atlanta)

Japanese-speaking Cosmetology Services

Noriko Martin – Artistic Cutters Salon
Keiko Barney – Ceres Salon

Japanese Heritage Language School

SC Nihongo Club (Greenville)

Local Consulate office


Sakura Radio (Online Japanese radio channel)

Japanese-owned or managed Restaurants

Greenville, SC
Sushi Masa
Sushi Goh
Sushi Murasaki
Columbia, SC

Japanese Language Schools (補習校)

Greenville Saturday School
Matsuba Gakuen (Columbia Saturday School)

ESL Schools or English Classes and conversation practice

Visions International
Upstate International
Greenville Literacy Association

Martial Arts, Culture, Etc…

Japanese Martial Arts, Arts, and Cultural Education

Ikenobo Ikebana Blue Ridge Chapter
Hendersonville, NC; Instructor
Emiko Suzuki

  • Ikebana (Ikenobo style)
  • Tea Ceremony (Emiko-sensei also teaches – Omotesenke Style)

Ikebana – Asheville, NC
Sumie and Calligraphy
(on Hiatus)
Japanese Dance – Greenville Midori-no-kai (Performs at the Bon Dance Festival)
Kimono-kai (Private Group – sometimes available to volunteer, demonstrate, or teach a seminar)
Gachimaya (Okinawan Sanshin
Musical Group)
Carolina Kimono Club (Columbia)
Taiko (Atlanta)
Bonzai Club of the Carolinas
Japanese Embroidery (Nuido)

Martial Arts (Greenville)


Japanese as a Foreign Language

In-person Language Classes and Schools


Universities with Japanese Language Programs

Online resources

  • Tofugu Japanese Blog
  • Japanesepod101
  • Italki, Fluentu, etc.
  • Wanikani Kanji & Vocabulary
  • Youtube

Other Resources