Language Table Series

転ばぬ先の杖。Due to concern over the transmission of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and the Omicron variant, JAASC has chosen to delay returning to any events involving close groups, like Language Table or Game Nights.

The board will monitor the situation moving forward and make decisions about future events based on CDC recommendations. Please be careful, stay safe, and wash your hands! 気をつけて、手を洗ってください。

We may begin some events in Spring 2022, but Language tables may continue to be delayed, due to limitations on gathering locations and mask requirements which make it difficult for language exchange.

– Thank you.

Casual conversation practice in Japanese and English!

The JAASC Language Table series takes place approximately once a month at various locations around the Upstate (and occasionally Columbia). This is an excellent opportunity for Japanese language learners to meet new people, practice their listening and speaking skills, for Japanese people to practice English, and help language students speak more natural Japanese. 日本語を上達させてください。

  • Non-members welcome.
  • These events are usually FREE.
  • Food & drink usually available for purchase.
  • For best results, participants should be able to hold basic conversation in both languages.
  • Pre-registration is greatly appreciated.

This is a completely casual gathering. Conversation starters are available for those who want them.

JAASC Language Table 2020:

  • Feb 20 – Inn on the Square, Greenwood
  • March 21 POSTPONED – Charleston-Area Interest Meeting, Cuppa Mana, Summerville
  • March 24 POSTPONED – Coffee Underground, Greenville
  • June 3 POSTPONED – Inn on the Square, Greenwood
  • Aug 19 POSTPONED – Coffee Underground, Greenville
  • Sept 29 POSTPONED – Tropical Grille, Mauldin
  • Nov 11 POSTPONED – TBA, Simpsonville
  • Dec 17 POSTPONED – O-CHA Tea Bar, Greenville

Who should attend?
This event is tailored for Japanese language learners who want to practice, brush up on skills, or add confidence to their Japanese listening and casual conversational ability with other learners as well as advanced and native speakers. Everyone is welcome, but it’s best if you have some level of Japanese to work with.

All native Japanese speakers are welcome, regardless of English proficiency. 日英会話の練習に来てください。

A note regarding Total Beginners
Language Table is not a class, it is an opportunity to practice. We want everyone to feel welcome, but if you aren’t already a Japanese language student able to make simple conversation, you may not get a lot out of this series. If you are a Total Beginner and still wish to attend, we ask that you let us know at the start and we will put you at a table where you can listen only. We request that you not ask questions in English, have extended English conversations, or otherwise distract those trying to immerse in Japanese.

Beginner’s Table is for Early Language Learners
Once or twice a year we may advertise that a Language Table event will also feature a “Beginner’s Table.” This is for early language learners to practice very simple, basic conversation with each other at a slower pace (such as introducing yourself, talking about your family, hobbies, hometown, foods you like). Again, Beginner’s Table is not a class, it’s beginner practice. This is not meant for Total Beginners and will still be conducted largely in simple Japanese. Total Beginners are still welcome to attend and listen only.

We encourage common sense and group courtesy. You will be asked to leave if you are disruptive, offensive, or are determined to speak only English despite the point of the series.

Looking for Beginners’ Classes?

Are you a Total Beginner in Upstate SC looking for a class or teacher? Right now JAASC does not offer any classes directly but we recommend these two excellent language learning programs in the Upstate:

If you know of other Japanese programs or opportunities in South Carolina, please let us know!