Practice Casual Conversation in Japanese and English

If you want to improve your language skills, join us for the JAASC Language Table series. These quarterly events are hosted at various locations around the Upstate and, occasionally, in Columbia or Charleston.

The series is open to all English and Japanese learners who want an excellent opportunity to practice listening and speaking skills while building relationships in a friendly, bilingual environment. Everyone is welcome, but it is best if you have some basic conversational level of English and Japanese.

If you’re a beginner, scroll down for more information.

If you’re interested in volunteering as an English-Japanese language exchange partner, let us know!

How to Sign Up

Sign up for our email newsletter so you get notified of the upcoming Language Table location and times. We send out all of the details in advance so you can plan to attend.

WHO: English and Japanese language learners who want to practice, brush up on skills, or add confidence to their casual conversational ability with other learners and advanced or native speakers.

COST: These events are usually FREE.

REGISTRATION: Usually held in public places with limited space, so pre-registration is always appreciated.

Are You A Beginner?

The Language Table series is not a Japanese or English class. It is an opportunity to socialize and practice listening and speaking. We want everyone to feel welcome and comfortable, but if you cannot make simple conversations in English and Japanese, you may not get much out of this series.

Currently, JAASC does not offer any classes directly, but we recommend these two excellent language learning programs in the Upstate: