Learning Language and Heritage

Are your children Japanese-Americans who speak English as their native language?

The South Carolina Nihongo Club is a heritage, language, and culture school in Greenville, SC, established by a team of dedicated local parents who partnered with JAASC.

Students will enhance their Japanese language skills while making new friends and absorbing the time-honored Japanese culture of honor and tradition.

How It Works

The school operates most Saturdays from 9:00 – 11:00 am. We meet at the office of Upstate International. There are three school terms that total around 12-15 days per term.

Periodically, the school will host a fun cultural activity or open house in the afternoon.

Students are welcome to try the school FREE for one day!


1st- through 3rd-grade children of bilingual households (at least one parent is Japanese) regardless of their Japanese language skill level.

4th- through 8th-grade children of bilingual households (at least one parent is Japanese) with previous experience at GSS (or other Japanese schools).


Educational Goals

Of the four language skills, the primary focus of learning will be listening and speaking. Reading and writing will be incorporated into the curriculum gradually.

Annual Learning Plan

According to the monthly theme, the teacher will select materials and form a weekly lesson plan of project-based activities.

General Rule

Try to speak in Japanese as much as possible.

Monthly Theme

Language (April),
Family (May),
Culture I (June/August), School (September), Hobby (October),
Living (November),
Playing (December), Culture II (January),
Diet (February),
Nature & Society (March)

Extracurricular Activities

Events that expose children to Japanese cultural activities (e.g. Tanabata, Summer Festivals, calligraphy, kimono, Japanese cooking, etc.) will be scheduled on a monthly basis. Children who do not attend SC Nihongo Club are also invited to participate.


Option 1
Tuition can be paid per term – $150-$200 per student/per semester.

Option 2
Purchase a Day Pass for $160 to cover up to 8 days of school.
Students can also try the school for free for one day!

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