Oct 3-5 JETRO hosts Japan Pavilion at Southern Automotive Conference

JETRO will be hosting an area for 24 Japanese automotive suppliers at the Southern Automotive Conference in Atlanta, October 3-5th. Please visit the Japan Pavilion (JETRO Booth) at Booths # 533 – 547 & 632 – 646, and see the attached flyers for more information about the event and the JETRO representation of automotive supply companies.

JETRO at SAC (南東自動車展示会 2018) 10/3-5/18
JETROは南東自動車展示会で自動車に関する24の日系会社のため、ブースを開催します。展示会は10月3日から5日 までアトランタに行います。詳細について、添付されたファイルをご覧ください。

Japanese suppliers exhibiting at SAC are as follows:

1. O&S California Inc- http://www.osca-arcosa.com
2. SEIKOH GIKEN USA, Inc. http://www.SeikohGiken.com
3. Nankai Enviro-Tech Corporation http://www.nket.net
4. GOTO CALIFORNIA INC. http://www.goto-california.com
5. Murata Machinery USA, Inc http://www.muratec-usa.com
6. Yuhara MFG U.S.A. Inc. http://www.yuhara.us
7. Kanepackage Mexico SA de CV http://www.kanepa.co.jp
8. Harimatec Inc. http://www.harimatec.com
9. Takachiho America Inc. http://www.takachiho-america.com
10. MCNS Polyurethanes USA Inc. http://www.mcnskc.com/en
11. UNIVANCE Corporation http://www.uvc.co.jp
12. E&H PRECISION DE MEXICO S.A. DE C.V. http://www.ehmx.com.mx
13. HARVES USA CORPORATION http://www.harvesusa.com
14. Kitagawa Mexico S.A. de C.V http://www.kiw.com.mx
15. Ahresty Wilmington Corporation http://www.ahresty.com
16. Advanced Mechatronics Solutions, Inc. http://www.ams-fa.com
17. Texmac Inc. http://www.texmac.com
18. Macnica Americas, Inc http://www.macnica.co.jp/en/top
19. Asahi Diamond America. Inc. http://www.asahidia.co.jp
20. Toyo Business Engineering U.S.A. Inc. http://www.bengusa.com
21. NISINO SEIKI CO., LTD. http://www.nisinoseiki.com
22. K.S. of West Virginia Co. Ltd. http://www.kswv.us
23. Dexerials America Corporation http://www.dexerials.jp
24. Otsuka Chemical America, Inc. http://www.otsukac.co.jp/en