ONEPOWER Consulting joins JAASC!

May 14, 2024

ONEPOWER Consulting has joined JAASC as a corporate member! 

ONEPOWER Consulting is an Atlanta-based recruiting company. They work with many clients throughout the Southeast across a variety of fields and industries, predominantly in the manufacturing industry. They specialize in working with candidates who have niche or difficult-to-find experience, as well as candidates who are Japanese-English bilingual. Their diverse and wide-reaching candidate base equips ONEPOWER with the ability to fill both bilingual and non-bilingual positions, making them a catch-all recruiting company to address and fill any of their client’s hiring needs.

While many of their current clients are mostly foreign-invested manufacturing companies, they are always working hard to expand and diversify their existing network and move outside their comfort zone. 


“We have many candidates within the manufacturing industry- both bilingual and many non-bilingual- with specialized experience that we can introduce. We have many engineering candidates across a range of engineering fields- electrical/electronic, mechanical, industrial, chemical. Many of the positions that we recruit for- and thus many of the candidates that we work with- are not bilingual, so our candidate database has grown to include many well-qualified candidates, many of whom are not Japanese bilingual.”